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VersionBuild DatePosted DateNotesSizeSelect
  Current Releases
iMC VFM v7.3 (E0507) 13-Oct-202119-Nov-2021 Release notes
210 MB
  Current Patches
iMC VFM v7.3 (E0506P02) 21-Apr-202001-Jul-2020 Release notes
208 MB
  Previous Releases
iMC VFM v7.3 (E0506) 15-Nov-201922-Nov-2019 Release notes
208 MB
iMC VFM v7.3 (E0505) 18-Dec-201824-May-2019 Release notes
140 MB
iMC VFM v7.3 (E0504) 03-Jan-201811-Jan-2018 Release notes
165 MB
iMC VFM v7.3 (E0503) 31-Mar-201730-Jun-2017 Release notes
123 MB
iMC VFM v7.3 (E0502) 30-Nov-201612-Dec-2016 Release notes
119 MB
iMC VFM v7.2 (E0403) 13-Nov-201501-Dec-2015 Release notes
114 MB
iMC VFM v7.1 (E0302) 24-Oct-201403-Nov-2014 Release notes
111 MB
iMC VFM v7.1 (E0301) 18-Sep-201429-Sep-2014 Release notes
137.87 MB
iMC VFM v7.0 E0201 17-Mar-201431-Mar-2014 Release notes
106 MB
iMC VFM 7.0 E0103a 24-Dec-201317-Jan-2014 Release notes
100 MB
iMC VFM 7.0 E0102 03-Dec-201320-Dec-2013 Release notes
100 MB
  Previous Patches
iMC VFM v7.3 (E0505P02) 11-Oct-201918-Oct-2019 Release notes
207 MB
iMC VFM v7.3 (E0503P02) 07-Jul-201712-Jul-2017 Release notes
123 MB
iMC VFM v7.3 (E0503P01) 01-Jun-201705-Jul-2017 Release notes
122 MB
iMC VFM v7.1 (E0302P01) 08-Jul-201514-Jul-2015 Release notes
114 MB
iMC_VFM_7.3_E0505 29-Jan-201927-Feb-2019 Release notes
133 MB