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JG336A  HPE 5900AF 48XGT 4QSFP+ Switch
VersionBuild DatePosted DateNotesSizeSelect
  Current Releases
5900_5920_7.10.R2432P10 11-Jan-202103-Dec-2021 Release notes
121.10 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2432P06-US 11-May-201814-May-2018 Release notes
124 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2432P06 17-Apr-201814-May-2018 Release notes
124 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2432P05-US 30-Nov-201714-Mar-2018 Release notes 135 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2432P05 25-Oct-201713-Nov-2017 Release notes 116 MB
  Previous Releases
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2432P03-US (TAA Compliant) 08-Jun-201714-Jun-2017 Release notes
116 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2432P03 05-May-201724-May-2017 Release notes
116 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2432P02-US (TAA Compliant) 03-May-201710-May-2017 Release notes
115 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2432P02 16-Mar-201731-Mar-2017 Release notes
115 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2432P01-US (TAA Compliant) 08-Feb-201713-Mar-2017 Release notes
115 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2432P01 20-Jan-201727-Jan-2017 Release notes
114 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2422P03 08-Nov-201608-Dec-2016 Release notes
97.9 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2422P02 07-Sep-201605-Oct-2016 Release notes
117 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2422P01-B 04-Feb-201611-Jul-2016 Release notes
110 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2418P06-B 07-Sep-201515-Oct-2015 Release notes
107 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2311P01 04-Aug-201414-Aug-2014 Release notes
67.7 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2308P01-US (TAA Compliant) 20-Jun-201430-Jun-2014 Release notes
61.8 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2310 30-May-201412-Jun-2014 Release notes
65.8 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2308P01 11-Mar-201419-Mar-2014 Release notes
59.9 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2307 10-Jan-201417-Jan-2014 Release notes
59.7 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2210 29-Nov-201310-Dec-2013 Release notes
44.7 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2209-B-US (TAA Compliant) 20-Sep-201327-Sep-2013 Release notes
42.4 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2209 09-Jul-201329-Jul-2013 Release notes
43.3 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2208P01 04-Mar-201318-Mar-2013 Release notes
42.8 MB
Comware MIBs_V11-DataCenter 10-Jun-201902-Jul-2019 Release notes
214 MB
Comware MIBs_V11 10-Jun-201928-Jun-2019 Release notes
214 MB
Comware_MIBs_V10 31-Oct-201707-Dec-2017 Release notes
207 MB
MIBs_V9 09-Jun-201526-Jan-2016 Release notes
MIBs_V8 05-Nov-201401-Dec-2014 Release notes
235 MB
MIBs_V7 11-Jun-201408-Jul-2014 Release notes
258 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2422P01 22-Dec-201511-Jan-2016 Release notes
107 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2416-C 09-Mar-201511-Mar-2015 Release notes
118.96 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2416-B 26-Feb-201527-Feb-2015 Release notes
119 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2311P06-US (TAA Compliant) 19-Aug-201518-Sep-2015 Release notes
66.9 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2311P06 03-Apr-201516-Apr-2015 Release notes
66.5 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2311P05-B 26-Feb-201527-Feb-2015 Release notes
67.9 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2311P05 14-Jan-201519-Jan-2015 Release notes
65.9 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2311P01-US (TAA Compliant) 09-Sep-201419-Sep-2014 Release notes
65.9 MB
MIBs_V6 14-Nov-201303-Dec-2013 Release notes
256 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2416 26-Jan-201509-Feb-2015 Release notes
117.7 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2311P04 19-Nov-201401-Dec-2014 Release notes
67.4 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2311P03 22-Sep-201426-Nov-2014 Release notes
67.2 MB
5900AF-5920AF_7.10.R2311P02 12-Aug-201426-Nov-2014 Release notes
67.5 MB