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JD377A  HP 5500-24G EI Switch
VersionBuild DatePosted DateNotesSizeSelect
  Current Releases
5500.EI_5.20.R2222P08 20-Oct-201707-Nov-2017 Release notes
16.9 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P18-US (TAA Compliant) 28-Sep-201523-Oct-2015 Release notes
18.7 MB
  Current Patches
A5500_EI_5.20.R2222P12 28-Feb-202003-Mar-2020 Release notes
14.4 MB
  Previous Releases
5500.EI_5.20.R2222P07 16-Aug-201721-Aug-2017 Release notes
17.2 MB
5500.EI_5.20.R2221P30-B 08-Aug-201711-Aug-2017 Release notes
18.5 MB
5500.EI_5.20.R2222P05 24-Apr-201726-Apr-2017 Release notes
17.0 MB
5500.EI_5.20.R2222P02 16-Jan-201703-Mar-2017 Release notes
21.1 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P25 27-May-201603-Jun-2016 Release notes
19.7 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P22 03-Feb-201616-May-2016 Release notes
19.3 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P20 04-Nov-201519-Nov-2015 Release notes
17.3 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P19 30-Sep-201516-Nov-2015 Release notes
17.9 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P18 02-Sep-201523-Oct-2015 Release notes
17.8 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P15 13-Jul-201523-Jul-2015 Release notes
17.2 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P12-US (TAA Compliant) 07-Jul-201515-Jul-2015 Release notes
18.6 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P12 19-Jun-201502-Jul-2015 Release notes
17.1 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P10 01-May-201512-May-2015 Release notes
17.2 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P08-US (TAA Compliant) 09-Mar-201517-Mar-2015 Release notes
18.5 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P08 06-Feb-201513-Feb-2015 Release notes
17.2 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P07 24-Dec-201413-Jan-2015 Release notes
17.0 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P06 06-Nov-201425-Nov-2014 Release notes
17.0 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P04-US (TAA Compliant) 03-Sep-201412-Sep-2014 Release notes
17.0 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P05 17-Jul-201406-Oct-2014 Release notes
17.2 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P02 03-May-201414-May-2014 Release notes
15.9 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P01-US-B (TAA Compliant) 24-Mar-201404-Apr-2014 Release notes
16.8 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221P01 28-Feb-201407-Mar-2014 Release notes
16.9 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2221 28-Dec-201313-Jan-2014 Release notes
16.7 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2220P11 05-Dec-201318-Dec-2013 Release notes
16.7 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2220P10 05-Nov-201312-Nov-2013 Release notes
16.4 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2220P07-US (TAA Compliant) 24-Oct-201301-Nov-2013 Release notes
16.3 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2220P09 27-Sep-201325-Oct-2013 Release notes
15.1 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2220P07 03-Jul-201315-Jul-2013 Release notes
15.6 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2220P02 16-Apr-201308-Jul-2013 Release notes
15.2 MB
5500.EI-4800G_5.20.R2220-US (TAA Compliant) 04-Apr-201306-Apr-2013 Release notes
15.6 MB
5500.EI_4800G_R2215 09-May-201221-May-2012 Release notes
13.9 MB
5500.EI_4800G_R2208P01 25-Nov-201121-May-2012 Release notes
12.4 MB
Comware MIBs_V11-FlexNetwork 10-Jun-201902-Jul-2019 Release notes
214 MB
Comware MIBs_V11 10-Jun-201928-Jun-2019 Release notes
214 MB
Comware_MIBs_V10 31-Oct-201707-Dec-2017 Release notes
207 MB
MIBs_V9 09-Jun-201526-Jan-2016 Release notes
MIBs_V8 05-Nov-201401-Dec-2014 Release notes
235 MB
MIBs_V7 11-Jun-201408-Jul-2014 Release notes
258 MB
5500.EI_5.20.R2221P30 31-Aug-201612-Oct-2016 Release notes
18.0 MB
MIBs_V6 14-Nov-201303-Dec-2013 Release notes
256 MB
MIBs_V5 02-Apr-201329-Apr-2013 Release notes
193 MB
MIBs-H3C-3Com_V4.0 15-May-201220-Jun-2012 Release notes
155 MB
5500.EI_R2208P01 25-Nov-201109-Dec-2011 Release notes
12.4 MB
S5500EI_CMW5.20.R2202P21_S168 09-Jul-201009-Jul-2010 Release notes
11.6 MB
S5500EI_CMW5.20.R2202P19_S168 16-Apr-201016-Apr-2010 Release notes
11.5 MB
3CRH3CMIBSv2 14-Apr-201014-Apr-2010 Release notes
25.4 MB
S5500EI_CMW5.20.R2202P15_S56 28-Jan-201028-Jan-2010 Release notes
11.4 MB
S5500EI_CMW5.20.R2202P15_S168 28-Jan-201028-Jan-2010 Release notes
11.4 MB
S5500EI_5.20.R2202P05_S168 16-Jun-200916-Jun-2009 Release notes
11.4 MB
S5500EI_5.20.R2202P05_S56 16-Jun-200916-Jun-2009 Release notes
11.4 MB
S5500EI_5.20.R2202p03_S168 12-May-200912-May-2009 Release notes
11.3 MB
S5500EI_5.20.R2202p03_S56 12-May-200912-May-2009 Release notes
11.3 MB
S5500EI_5.20.R2202P01_S56 31-Mar-200931-Mar-2009 Release notes
120.0 KB
S5500EI_5.20.R2202P01_S168 31-Mar-200931-Mar-2009 Release notes
12.0 KB
S5500EI_CMW520_E2102 30-Apr-200830-Apr-2008 Release notes
10.9 MB