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J9449A HP 1810-8G Switch

Software: P.1.20 (for initial update to P.2.x only) (OtherSelect another software release

P.1.20 (for initial update to P.2.x only)

Before updating an 1810G switch to software version P.2.x, the switch must first be updated to software version P.1.20.

Recommended Procedure:
First update to P.1.20 on Image1, activate Image1, and boot into P.1.20.
Then update to P.2.x on Image2, activate Image2, and boot into P.2.x.

After the switch is booted with P.2.x in Image2, P.2.x software versions can be loaded onto either Image1 or Image2.

Please see the Release Notes from the P.2.x software you wish to load, for detailed instructions.

Supported products:
  • J9449A HP 1810-8G SWITCH
  • J9450A HP 1810-24G SWITCH
P.1.20 (for initial update to P.2.x only)
Build date: 03-Nov-2010
Posted date: 06-May-2011
Size: 1.6 MB