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J4903A HP ProCurve Switch 2824

Software: I.10.107 (Current ReleasesSelect another software release


Software I.10.107


IMPORTANT: If your switch is running a software version earlier than I.10, your BootROM will be updated when you upload I.10.xx software to your switch. Do not interrupt power to the switch during this important update!

A successful update to I.10 software may require multiple steps, depending on your current software and BootROM levels. Please see details in the table below.


If your software version is:             Your next step should be:

I.07.31 through I.07.66                   
Update and reload into software version I.07.68

I.07.68 or newer                               Update directly into software version I.10.xx


Configuration Compatibility Caution:
Configuration files created or saved using version I.10.65 or higher are NOT backward-compatible with previous software versions. The user is advised to save a copy of the pre-I.10.65 startup-config file BEFORE UPDATING to I.10.67 or greater, in case there is ever a need to revert back to an earlier version of software.

Starting with software version I.08.74, FEC trunks (Cisco Systems’ Fast EtherChannel for aggregated links) are no longer supported, and generation of CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) packets is no longer supported. In their place are IEEE standards-based LACP aggregated links (as well as statically configured trunks) and generation of LLDP packets for device discovery.

Software version I.08.71 (or later) detects and disables non-genuine ProCurve transceivers and mini-GBICs discovered in Series 2800 Switch ports. When a non-genuine device is discovered, the switch disables the port and generates an error message in the Event Log.


Supported products:
Build date: 24-Aug-2015
Posted date: 02-Nov-2015
Size: 3.49 MB