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J9147A HP 2910-48G al Switch

Software: W.15.14.0012 (final W.15.14 version) (Previous ReleasesSelect another software release

W.15.14.0012 (final W.15.14 version)

IMPORTANT: This software includes an update to BootROM W.14.06. If your switch has an older version of BootROM, the BootROM will be updated with this software. Do not interrupt power to the switch during this important update!

Digital Signature Note: Beginning with W.15.09, the switch software includes a digital signature. However, if this software is downloaded by an earlier software version that does not understand digital signatures, the earlier software will remove the digital signature before storing the new software in flash.

In order to have digitally-signed software in the switch, you must boot the switch into W.15.09 or later software, and then re-download the W.15.09 or later software into the same flash it is already in (primary or secondary). Because the switch is now using a software version that understands digital signatures, the signature is not stripped during the download.

Use the verify signature flash command to see if the software has a digital signature. After entering the command, if the software is digitally signed the switch does nothing for approximately 30 seconds, then responds. If the software is not digitally signed, the switch responds in approximately 10 seconds.

Supported products:
  • J9145A HP 2910-24G AL SWITCH
  • J9146A HP 2910-24G-POE+ AL SWITCH
  • J9147A HP 2910-48G AL SWITCH
  • J9148A HP 2910-48G-POE+ AL SWITCH
W.15.14.0012 (final W.15.14 version)
Build date: 31-Mar-2015
Posted date: 01-May-2015
Size: 8.90 MB